English Year 2 – Verb Exercise

The Evaluation Matrix

Name of teaching resource: English Year 2 – Verbs



Who should this digital teaching resource be used with?  The resource is created for Year 2 Students with support of a teacher.

How should it be used?  The whole class can take part.

Which subject or learning area would it be most appropriate to
use in?  This resource is designed to review English verbs for Year 2 students.

Identify the strengths of this teaching resource:

The whole class can use the resource all at once. It can help the teacher to identify which student still struggle with the specific concept and it can be used to grade the students. Students is working individually so the outcomes of their knowledge towards the subject will be true to their own work.

Identify any weaknesses of this teaching resource:

The teacher have to assist the students with a username and password so that every student can be registered to play.

Explain any ideas you may have for further use of this teaching

I would like to add all the different curriculum criteria and outcomes of the English subject for Year 2. This will give teachers the opportunity to measure and grade the students all at the same time in fair way.




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