Participation and the Digital Divide

Digital divide is which households in our community have access to computers and the internet and who don’t. We never realize how many households there are before you actually have done some research. This is especially apparent in households of lower incomes or those that have no children under the age of 15. As a result, members of these households miss out on opportunities which may benefit them from the availability of technology such as educational, social and economic opportunities (Australian Policy Online, 2014).

In our community our school is trying to close this gap of digital divide by giving all students attending access to a computer to do project research and they have the opportunity to take part in learning on a smart board that is available in the classrooms. They have started an application to communicate to parents important notices and information that they can download on the mobile phone. The parents have access to a Reward System that the school have by awarding points for good behaviour and deduct them for bad behaviour. This allow parents to view their children progress in school and at the same time be apart of technology. (Carnamah District High school). When I become a teacher I would like to give every student the opportunity to access some kind of technology.

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Our society has changed so much that you need to be able to be computer literate and use different sources and technology in the workplace. If students are not given the chance to learn and use these technology sources how are they going to make a success of their lives and find a proper career? We need to get a system in place as educators to close this gap of digital divide.

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