Digital identities and digital security

“2012 Child Identity fraud report, sponsored by Identity Theft Assistance Center (ITAC) and conducted by Javelin Strategy and Research found that 1 in 40 households with minor children had at least one child whose personal information was compromised by identity criminals.”( I have never realized how vulnerable our youth’s identities really are online. ‘When children are born and registered their identification numbers are copied and linked to another date of birth to create a whole new person’, says Joe Mason, senior vice president of Identity Guard.

When thinking about your digital identity, it’s the picture that you show to everyone in the outside world, it symbolizes how you want other people to see you and learn to know you. Being in a profession where you work with other people’s children everyday, think again before posting your 30th Birthday photo’s on Facebook with a glass of wine in the hand and doing silly things. What would the parents impression be about you, will they take you seriously when having a parents meeting. The worst of this is that our children do not have the knowledge of the consequences their actions have when publishing their photos and personal information online, with games they play or someone they met online. We as teachers and parents can make a difference in statistics by educating our children about the dangers of cyber bullying. ‘Children will still test their boundaries. At a Public pool we have gates, signs, lifeguards and shallow ends but we still teach our kids to swim.’(Byron Review)images (7)

I can make a difference once I am in my own class with my own students by educating them about these dangers. On Australia’s Communications website,, there are so much useful resources to use. This lies strongly on my heart to educate our youth.

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